Squash & Racketball Handicap Finals 2017

There was a good turnout at CALSA for the 2017 squash and racketball handicap finals.

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the runners-up:

Racketball final winner – Brian Rankin
Racketball final runner-up – Paul Hill  

Racketball plate winner – Doug Old
Racketball plate runner-up – Yvonne Mannell

Squash final winner – Adam Kettlewell
Squash final runner-up – Michael Odling-Smee

Squash plate winner – Barry Wilkinson
Squash plate runner-up – Doug Old

Many thanks goes out to all the organisers of the handicap competition.

Squash & Racketball Finals Night

Congratulations to all those who made it to a final in this years squash and racketball knockouts.  Many thanks go out to all who helped with organisation but in particular Stephen Widdison, John Cockill, Jon Spooner and Doug Old.  A enjoyable evening was had by the crowd and the winners, the losers were miserable, but that’s sport for you.

Here are the results:

Club Championship Challenge Match (Squash)
Andrew Widdison beat Alex Hodgetts

Squash A Category Final
Robin Mannall beat James Rollison

Racketball A Category Final
Stephen Widdison beat Jonathan Woodward

Ladies Squash Final
Angela Crossley beat Gianina Valli

Ladies Racketball Final
Angela Crossley was unchallenged

Squash B Category Final
John Hurst Beat Ed Connell

Racketball B Category Final
Matthew Cooke beat Guy Wood

Squash C Category Final
Victor Levison beat Guy Wood

Racketball C Category Final
Ric Kear beat Gareth Davies

Squash A Category Plate
Adam Kettlewell beat Jim Wright

Racketball A Category Plate
Paul Hill beat Ken Buckley

Squash B Category Plate
Steve Osbourne beat Jon Spooner

Racketball B Category Plate
Max Cooke beat Phil Wade

Squash C Category Plate

Racketball C Category Plate
Derek Smyth beat Mike Sumpton

Andrew Widdison
Andrew Widdison
Alex Hodgetts
Alex Hodgetts
Stephen Widdison
Stephen Widdison
Robin Mannall
Robin Mannall
Matthew Cooke
Matthew Cooke
Guy Wood
Guy Wood
John Hurst
John Hurst
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies
Angela Crossley
Angela Crossley
Giannina Valli
Giannina Valli
Adam Kettlewell
Adam Kettlewell
Max Cooke
Max Cooke
Steve Osbourne
Steve Osbourne
Derek Smyth
Derek Smyth

New floor on Squash Court 1

Stephen Widdison dealt the first blow to CALSA’s squash court 1 to allow the floor to be relaid.  In his own words, “I’ve suffered many a tragic loss and bottled several  unassailable leads on this court so I was delighted to rip it up”.

The new floor has now been laid, the side walls repaired (awaiting paint) and a new tin installed.  Many thanks to Stephen for his organisation and the army of volunteer members for their help bringing the old floor up.


Success for Stephen

Club stalwart Stephen “The Black Widdowson” Widdison was successful last Saturday in the Yorkshire Racketball Series winning the C event.

It was win-win for CALSA as Stephen’s fellow finalist was Gabriel Uttley, who is known for his two handed style having two dangerous forehands.  It was a closely fought contest but Stephen’s endurance and intensity allowed him to come out on top winning the match 2-0 and taking the title.

Congratulations to Stephen (right) and well played Gabriel (left).

Widdison win at Huddersfield

The next Yorkshire Racketball Series event will be held at Collingham on the  9th/10th May.  Entry forms are available on the club notice board and you can find more information here – http://www.yorkshireracketballseries.co.uk/.

Squash/Racketball Handicap Finals

Last night saw the culmination of the squash and racketball handicap competitions.

Squash plate:
Jon Spooner beat Steve Gilliland 3-1
Racketball plate:
Nigel Charlesworth beat Gareth Davies 3-2
Squash final:
Robin Mannell beat Kieren Wilson 3-2
Racketball final:
Kieren Wilson beat Ric Kear 3-1

Many thanks to all who entered and organised.  A great night was had by all (except perhaps the runners-up) and here are some photo’s from the evening:

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New CALSA Website Launched

Welcome to the new website for Collingham and Linton Sports Association.

The site is hosted and operated through popular blog’ing site WordPress which will provide great features and continuation for the site.

Club member Guy Wood has put the site together.  Please contact Guy at guy@guywood.eu with any site feedback/mistakes/bugs.

Enjoy the site!